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Instead, it’s more beneficial to address posture in terms of maturity and assessing an organization’s risk appetite. If organizations are too risk-averse, they limit their growth, but if they don’t take threats into account and only do the bare minimum compliance, they leave themselves vulnerable to breach.  Taking a risk based approach to your information security budget is an excellent place to begin. According to Gartner, “Risk management begins with self-awareness. What does risk mean to the organization? What level of risk is the organization comfortable with as it pursues its larger aims? Organizational leaders often don’t understand the institution’s risk appetite. Eliminating risk is impossible; even if it were not, it would be undesirable. The flipside of risk is opportunity; without risk, there is no “business.” The key question is: “What is the right amount of risk for ‘us’?” Part of the c-suite responsibilities revolve around continuously addressing and monitoring these questions because, unfortunately, it’s not something that can be asked and answered once and never again. The nature of cyber and the internet is so dynamic that it can never be a one-and-done sort of thing. However, it can be made easier with AI-assisted continuous control monitoring or real-time threat assessments that take advantage of natural language processing to do away with the manual aspect of spreadsheets to monitor compliance. CyberStrong’s platform offers these integrated risk management solutions.  Drive home the value proposition added and control the narrative When discussing cybersecurity in boardrooms with easy to relate to financial language, it’s important to tell a story that displays the ROSI the company gains with a mature approach to risk management. To begin the conversation, CISO’S can craft a narrative that will resonate with executives by starting with the value added at specific points in their process, it’s easier for those outside of the cybersecurity industry to grasp the concepts of cyber risk management and the value it adds.  For example, if a company provides pet supplies to customers all over the country, demonstrating the value of and importance of risk monitoring could look something like this: a customer comes to their site from a vet recommendation. They order prescription food to be delivered to their house. The approval for the food goes back to the vet from the pet company (possible breach risk, value added by threat monitoring). The customer pays for the product through a secure payment app that saves their data for next time (possible vulnerability, value added by threat monitoring). The company saves the customer’s email to deliver order updates and tracking (possible vulnerability, value added by mitigation and monitoring).  By presenting a tangible narrative for organizations to connect to, CISO’s can demonstrate how many aspects of the operation are left vulnerable due to poor risk management. It can also establish what the organization has to gain by being proactive and investing in the right programs to keep their data as secure as possible, keeping their client’s trust in the process.  With an intentional approach to communication with C-suite executives, security officer’s can create a company-wide culture of risk management with an easily relatable narrative to reinforce it.  To learn more about how the CyberStrong platform can save members of the Fortune 500 and beyond millions of dollars and supplement existing IT GRC systems, request a demo .  When it comes to information security and stressing the importance of cyber risk management, getting the whole company (especially the C-suite) on the same playing field becomes paramount. There’s no question that when diving into it for the first time, cyber security can be a daunting function. There are countless acronyms, concepts, and approaches that can be difficult to wrangle into layman’s terms.

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subscribe to Quality Magazine When you have a plan for compliance, there’s no last-minute scrambling and panic to produce data and documentation. To facilitate preparedness, it’s imperative that the proper checks and tests are accurately recorded and completed on time, every time, every day. Traditionally, compliance hinges on making paperwork available to the right people at the right time, ensuring it’s up-to-date, and obtaining the right signatures from management. Relying on people across different departments to control all aspects of the system could lead to missing paperwork, inaccuracy, and a lack of standardization. For companies undergoing an audit, these irregularities can affect whether you pass or fail. Another potential problem is the lack of real-time visibility into production data that prevents operators from immediately correcting an issue before a large amount of bad product is produced—or worse, leaves the facility. Collecting data with pen and paper means a wait of hours, days, or weeks for accurate reports to find out whether processes ran correctly. And cumbersome, untimely reports don’t allow your team to verify that proper procedures are being followed until it’s too late—when bad or even dangerous practices have occurred or become habitual. Companies that have taken an enterprise approach to quality are more likely to have the tools and support to stay ahead of the myriad rules and initiatives. A key technology capability to have in quality processes and audit preparedness is the creation and assignment of precisely timed checks to ensure compliance. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A facility’s specific hazard and prevention control plan creates the schedule of time-based check intervals for each variation of products, processes, or workstations. The reliance on automatic, software-driven prompts ensures that operators collect the right data at the right time. These displays and countdown timers outline all the critical quality checks required at that time. In the event of an audit, a report generated on these timed checks quickly demonstrates compliance. Without such documentation, the manufacturer faces a laborious session of pulling paperwork to prove compliance.
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